I Just Hit 9460 Box in NY!!

I have some exciting announcements!

First of all, my brand new New York 66 program for the Win 4 game is a winner! I back tested it this morning and basically, based on what I am seeing, you will show a profit EVERY WEEK you play the numbers this program gives you. This is a Win 4 program for the New York Win 4 game (I will be putting up similar programs for other states soon starting with TEXAS, NORTH CAROLINA, and SOUTH CAROLINA).

This program gives you 44 singles and 22 doubles and they are good for the next two drawings. You enter the last 100 numbers that hit at night after the evening drawing and then you play the 66 numbers BOX for the two drawings of the following day. These numbers are to be played at 5 dimes (http://www.5dimes.eu/).

I suggest starting out with 0.25 cent bets which will be $16.50 per drawing or $33 for the day. This turns out to be $231 spent during the week ($33 x 7). A single hit pays $93.75 and a double hit pays $187.50 (my program only gives you singles and doubles, not double doubles or triples).

Based on my back testing, you will hit 3, 4, or 5 times EVERY WEEK, which means that you will be winning anywhere from $400 to $600 per week. This means that you will get back the $231 you spent playing the numbers and show a profit of $200 to $400 every week. Now keep in mind that this is just at the 0.25 cent level – the profit will be MUCH HIGHER when you start playing the numbers for 0.50 cents and a $1.

And just to put things in perspective, at the $1 level a single box hit will be $375 and a double box hit will be $750. At this level you should be winning $1875 to $3000 EVERY WEEK.

This is about $10,000 PER MONTH.

This program WORKS and as a matter of fact, I just got my very FIRST Win 4 hit using this program! 9460 just hit New York and my program gave me 6490. It’s a small win – but you have to start somewhere!


This program is only available to Gold members. And I have a Special Gift if you are now or were in the past 6 months a GOLD MEMBER: I have a Special Report I want to send you. If you are currently a Gold member, check your inbox. If you were a Gold member anytime in the last 6 months, email me with “Former Gold Member” on the subject line of your email and I will send you this report (don’t lie: I have the name and email of all former Gold members on a list).

Quick Note: I am expecting 2, 3 or maybe 4 more hits in New York THIS WEEK using this program. You can still benefit even if you are not in New York if you have have a 5dimes account. If you don’t have one (or even if you don’t know what 5dimes is), I will send you 2 PDF Reports explaining how 5dimes works and the “traps” to avoid if you decide to become a Gold member.

GOLD Membership is $60 a month. You will be billed automatically from your Paypal account. You can sign up for Gold membership at the bottom of THIS PAGE. (click on the Subscribe button.)

Here is another option for Gold Membership: you can pay month to month. If you are interested in joining for just one month, email me with this on the subject line of your email: “GOLD-ONE MONTH-$60-5DR” – My email is aa2newyork@aol.com or aanewyork4000@gmail.com. (The 5DR at the end tells me to send you the 2 reports explaining how 5dimes works). I will send you a Paypal invoice right away. Your membership starts after I receive payment. 

If you can not afford this right now, I suggest you at least join the 7 Day Club ($20 for 30 days) because in the next few books (Book-73, 74, 75, etc) I will be explaining in detail the coding system behind the New York 66 program. And like I said, I will be putting up similar programs for other states soon starting with TX, NC, and SC.

Go HERE to learn how to join the 7 Day Club. 


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