021 Straight in NC (Book-60 is the BEST Book in the Series)

Take a quick look at my post on Tuesday November 1 HERE. 

Notice that the top 4 numbers I predicted for North Carolina were 012, 357, 346, 679 and the top line of STRAIGHT numbers I predicted were:

012 021 102 120 201 210 (6).

Question for you…..What hit North Carolina LAST NIGHT???

Thats right: 021.

012 021 102 120 201 210 (6).

And it gets even better. I just sent out Book-60 to 7 Day Club, VIP, and Gold members and I have to tell you; this is the BEST book in the series so far because, FINALLY, I explain a SIMPLE and straightforward system for getting straight hits in the Pick 3 game.

Actually, I explain a 2 Part System that gives you the best Straight and Box numbers to play in your state. The best part is that this system gives you just a FEW numbers to play (less than 10 straight numbers and less than 10 box numbers usually). Best of all, I prove that this system works by using North Carolina numbers (the system predicted that 021 would hit NC straight last week on Thursday October 27; 9 days later 021 hit straight!). I actually used a different system when I made that prediction – but it turns out that my Brand New 2 Part System is EASIER to use and in Book-60 I explain in detail exactly how this new  system works. 


And there is more; in Book-60 I explain a ONE Number System. This one number system predicted the 052 that hit New York on October 29 (last saturday). I also reveal 3 numbers that tend to hit over and over again. In Book-60 I also explain how I will be reducing the 40 numbers from the 25 Group System down to just 1, 2, or 3 numbers!

Like I said; this is the absolute BEST book in the series so far (just the information on getting straight hits makes this the best book; everything else is a great Bonus!). To get this book I suggest you join at one of the 3 levels: 7 Day Club, VIP, or Gold. I describe these membership levels HERE and HERE. 

The 7 Day Club is the most affordable level (just $12) and includes 30 day access to my programs and the 7 Day Book emailed to you on 5 consecutive Sundays. To join the 7 Day Club, email me with “$12 – 7 Day Club” on the subject line of your email and I will send you a Paypal invoice for $12. After I get payment, I will give you 30 day access to my programs; I will email you a username and password so you can log into my site. You can email me at aa2newyork@aol.com or at aanewyork4000@gmail.com.

For faster service, you can send me $12 via Paypal using this email: aa2newyork@aol.com. Write “$12 – 7 Day Club” on the Notes section so I know what it is regarding.

Click below to see the first 3 pages of Book-60!


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