The TEXAS Straight Number System Kindle Book

This Kindle will be up on Amazon on THURSDAY November 10. If you are on my email list I will email you and let you know as soon as it goes up on Amazon (email me to be added to my email list at Go HERE for more details.). You can also find it on Amazon if you do a search for “aanewyork texas”. If you are a 7 Day Club or VIP member, email me the code on the last page of the book and I will send you the PDF edition of this book (easier to read and navigate). Below is the book cover and under it is the description I have for it on Amazon.


In this Kindle I explain a STRAIGHT number system created specifically for the TEXAS Pick 3 game. This means that you will NOT find a generic straight number system in this book…what you will find here is a very specific system designed to work in the TEXAS Pick 3 game. If you play the Texas Pick 3 game you are in luck because the system I explain in this book is very powerful – and accurate. As a matter of fact, the system that you will learn here generated 4 straight hits in 12 days! In another instance it generated 12 straight hits in 8 days! (Thats right: 12 straight hits in 8 days in Texas!). In this Kindle I will explain this system in detail, step by step. I go over exactly what you have to do from start to finish to identify the best STRAIGHT numbers to play in Texas.

The advanced Pick 3 strategies you will learn here will take your game to the Next Level and give you the tools and tactics you need to make it fairly easy to HIT consistently in the Texas Pick 3 game. Below are just some of the topics I cover and explain in this amazing book:

>A Great Discovery
>The Reference Box
>Positional Dominance
>Positional Movement
>Going After Straight Hits Directly
>Going After Straight Hits Indirectly
>What Works and Does Not Work in Texas
>The Time Frame
>The Best Time Frame to use in Texas
>The Secret Formula for Texas (VERY IMPORTANT!!)
>What is Required to Hit Straight in Texas
>The Straight Number Workout
>The Texas Master List – Part 1
>The Texas Master List – Part 2
>Rule 69
>Stop After 4 Straight Hits
>When to Update Your Numbers
>How to Identify the Best Numbers to Play
>How to find the Best Pairs in Texas
>How to find the Hottest Digits
>How to Update Your Digits Quickly
>The Seven Master Digit System
>An Advanced Strategy for Heavy Hitters
>12 Straight Hits in 8 Days!

As you can see, I cover a lot of ground on this Kindle. After learning the strategies in this book you will know exactly what to do to start getting straight hits in the Texas Pick 3 game!

So I suggest you read this book TODAY!


IF YOU DO NOT PLAY THE TEXAS PICK 3 GAME, Reading this book will still be useful because I go over some ADVANCED systems that can be used in other states. For example, The Seven Digit System can be used in other states. The information on PAIRS, HOT DIGITS, and DOUBLES also applies to other states. However, If you are looking for a more general system that applies to all states (except Texas), I suggest you read Book-60. You can find it HERE. 

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