Cheat Sheet-4 is Ready!

Cheat Sheet-4 is ready and I have to tell you; this book is a thing of beauty! I have simplified the report for each state and provided an EASY and SIMPLE system to predict the best numbers to play for the next 15 days for 23 states! You can find Cheat Sheet 3.2 here.


(I will be posting a full Hit Report for Cheat Sheet 3.2 in a Brand NEW book series. I will review Cheat Sheet 3.2 in an upcoming book called SECRETS-1. In this book I will reveal some real Secrets I discovered while back testing the Revelation Boxes. Apparently, there is much MORE to the Revelation Boxes than you think. I was amazed at what I found! I will provide all the exciting details on this new book! I will send an email out when it’s ready!)

In the introduction to Cheat Sheet 3.2 I said that a Revelation based Cheat Sheet should generate more hits. That is actually incorrect. The goal is NOT more hits, the goal is TARGETED hits. In other words, the hits should come from a LIMITED FIELD so that you play LESS Numbers.

Less numbers means you win MORE money.

So in this edition you will find LESS numbers to play – but I can guarantee you that at least one of the (normally) 1 to 8 numbers predicted for each state WILL hit in the next 1 to 15 days for most states!

Also, if you read Cheat Sheet 3.2, I am sure you noticed that there was way TOO MUCH information on those reports. It was all useful information (and I may bring some of it back), but it was just too much. I found myself experiencing a little “paralysis by analysis” as I was going though all the digits, pairs, playlists, etc. on those reports. That is why this edition I simplified the report and just give you the best of the best from that report.

And I have not even told you the BEST news! You will get a Special Bonus when you purchase this book; 15 days of free access to! If you already have access, I will add 15 days to your account. If you are brand new, I will create a brand new account for you that will allow you to use my programs for FREE for 15 days! Just email me with the verification code you see on the last page on the subject line and I will add 15 days to your account right away!

The PDF edition of this book is ready Right NOW! Send me $9.99 via Paypal or request an invoice by emailing me with “$9.99-CS-4” on the subject line. My email is

The Kindle edition will be up on Amazon tomorrow!


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