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The Super Set Principle

Paradoxically, individual hot numbers do not always hit. You need to play a GROUP of hot numbers to get at least one hit in a 7 day period (14 drawings). Ideally, the group should have 5 to 10 numbers. 10 numbers should be the maximum. This group of 5 to 10 numbers is called the Super […]

093 Hit Maryland Last Night (NEW Report)

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Guaranteed Money Maker – Part 3 (Book-21 Sent)

I am always improving my Pick 3 systems, and I just did it again in Book-21, which I just sent out to members of the 7 Day Club (instructions on how to join are at the end of this post). The Kindle edition should be up on Amazon tomorrow.  I just want to point something […]

Revelation 60 Testimonial

Hi Anthony, Just thought I would pass along my experience with the Rev60 Box. I have been tracking it for 96 draws (almost 7 weeks) and there has never been a draw that didn’t have at least 1 digit from the top 4 rows. 21% of the time the winning combo has one digit from […]

New Zealand Pick 3 Report

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Remember the Rule of 5 Paper Hits (The Smart Way to Play Pick 3)

I recently posted a report on how to get numbers for the week using the Pair Frequency Finder program.  Now…don’t go crazy putting a ton of money on whatever numbers you get for your state for this week. No. No. No. I can say the same about ANY new system; do NOT put any money […]

NEW Report for Tuesday Feb 2 (FREE!!)

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