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Remember the Rule of 5 Paper Hits (The Smart Way to Play Pick 3)

I recently posted a report on how to get numbers for the week using the Pair Frequency Finder program.  Now…don’t go crazy putting a ton of money on whatever numbers you get for your state for this week. No. No. No. I can say the same about ANY new system; do NOT put any money on the numbers just yet. 

Remember what I said about getting 5 hits on paper first before putting money down on any number. What this means in terms of a new system is that you would get the numbers the system gives you, write them down somewhere, and then WAIT TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS.

So let’s say you get a set of numbers from a system for your state and one of them hits. That’s your first hit. Now you need 4 more hits from this system before you can put money on any number from this particular system. If you get another hit next week, that’s your 2nd hit (3 more to go). If you get another hit two weeks later, you got 3 hits (you need 2 more). Wait for your 5th paper hit, then you can start playing for real; you can put money on the numbers.

This is how I suggest you approach any Pick 3 system. This approach would have saved me a lot of money in my early years of playing Pick 3. I lost thousands of dollars by not following this approach (testing the system on paper first before investing money in the numbers). And I think it is safe to say that Pick 3 players all over the world lose thousands of dollars every single day by not following this simple rule. 

This approach to the Pick 3 game basically says that any system you use has to PROVE itself to you before you invest your hard earned money in that system. If the system fails to give you any hits (or less than 5 hits), then you should NOT put any money on that system.

What I just described is the most intelligent approach to the Pick 3 game that you can take. This approach will decrease your losses and increase your winnings.

I will add one more part to this and that is that the 5 wins must be profitable wins. If you spend $100 but you only win $75, you actually lost. Therefore, the 5 wins must be profitable wins; you get more money out than you put in.

There are a few interesting implications of this unique approach to the game. First, your desire to make money must be greater than your desire to play for this approach to work. However, most players have a stronger desire to play than to make money. Thats right: many players are compulsive players; they would rather play and lose money than not play at all. This means that many players will not have the self-discipline to wait to get 5 paper hits; they will play anyway. 

Second, your desire to avoid losing money must be greater than your desire to play for this approach to work. NOT losing money must become a greater motivator than playing if you want to be a great player.

Third, waiting for 5 paper wins means that most systems will not qualify because most systems will not give you 5 profitable paper wins. This approach disqualifies most systems.

Fourth, you will be spending most of your time testing systems to see if they qualify rather than actually playing numbers because again, this system will disqualify most systems.

The fifth implication of this system is interesting: when you are spending money on playing numbers, you are making money because the wins you are getting are profitable wins.

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