Revelation 60 Testimonial

Hi Anthony, Just thought I would pass along my experience with the Rev60 Box. I have been tracking it for 96 draws (almost 7 weeks) and there has never been a draw that didn’t have at least 1 digit from the top 4 rows.

21% of the time the winning combo has one digit from the top 4 rows, 43% there is a pair from the top 4 rows and 36% of the time all 3 winning digits can be found in the top 4 rows of the Rev60 Box. That’s almost 80% of draws where the top of the box produces 2 or 3 digits.

Its still quite a few combinations so I am working on filtering them. One thing that works quite well is making sure there is a pair of the top 5 most frequent digits (from the top of the summary sheet) in each combo.

Keep up the good work!

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