30 Day Access for $9.99, THE LIST PDF, and Prosperitity Videos

Three quick messages.

First, email me if you would like to gain access to my programs for just $9.99 for 30 days. I will give you the details of a new program I just set up. If interested, email me with “$9.99 for 30 DAYS Program”  on the subject line. My email is aa2newyork@aol.com

Secondly, the PDF of THE LIST book is ready. This book has the list of the last 300 numbers for 23 states (some have more than 300). This book is excellent if you want to run tests and experiments on many states. Just copy and paste the numbers onto any program and see what you come up with. I posted a description of the book HERE.


Third, I have made it a habit of watching some prosperity videos on Amazon (like the ones I just posted) every morning and I have definitely seen an improvement on my finances…so its working! The key to this is consistency; it has to be done every day. I suggest you give this a try. Look around YouTube for prosperity videos you like. Find a few videos you really like and watch one or two of them every morning – or before going to bed at night. I am sure you will notice an improvement in your financial situation in a month or two….or sooner!


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