3 Excel Sheets (P3-P4-P4 STRAIGHT)

I am running a Special.

This special will give you four things:

1-Pick 3 Sheet (4 or 5 box numbers plus two hot pairs).

2-Pick 4 Sheet (about 10 box numbers and two hot pairs).
I have to look at the codes to be sure; these may be
triples (345, 678, etc) instead of doubles (34, 59, etc).

3-PICK 4 STRAIGHT SHEET: This will give you 16 STRAIGHT
Pick 4 Numbers. I may also include another set of 16
straight numbers for a total of 32 straight numbers.
However, you can just choose to play the 16 numbers.
At this point I am thinking that one of the numbers
should hit STRAIGHT in 2 or 3 months. Just so you
know; a straight Win 4 hit pays out $5,000. If you
play online (https://betanysports.eu/) a straight payout
is $9,000.

4-This Special also includes 6 month access to my programs.
If you already have access, I will add 6 months to your

NOTE: 16 Straight numbers at $1 is $224 per WEEK in
a 2-draw per week state ($16 X 14). That’s $896 per
Month (X4) and $1792 every 2 Months (X8). That is
$2,688 spent every 3 Months. However, the payout is
$5,000…so assuming just ONE hit every 3 months,
you will STILL show a profit:

$5,000 – $2,688 = $2,312 (Profit)

However, if you also play the BOX numbers from the
other Pick 4 Excel sheet, you should see MORE hits
(maybe one or two hits per month).

If you do not have this kind of money to spend on
the Pick 4 numbers, do NOT order this sheet.


You get all this for $120.

If interested, email me with
on the subject line of your email
with X being your state.
For example: $120-CALIFORNIA-SPECIAL-3 Sheets

You will get the 6 month access right away.

You will get the 3 sheets in a week or two.

NOTE: If you order for one of the states I posted
sheets for already, I will UPDATE and improve
your Pick 3 sheet.

You can email me at aanewyork4000@gmail.com

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