Book-8: Reduced Key Digit Play List (And Other Bonuses!)

Book-8 will be out this coming Sunday and it will be a Special Edition of the 7 Day Numbers book series. I will include an explanation of how the 10 Number System works. I will also include my brand new Control Numbers; a list of HOT numbers in the Pick 3 game.

It will also have the code for 30 day access to Pick 3! Just email me the code at the end of the book and I will add 30 days to your account.

And I just added something else: a reduced playlist for all 10 key digits.

Most Pick 3 players know that there is a standard list of 36 singles for all 10 key digits in the game. For example, there are exactly 36 numbers in the Pick 3 game that have a 3. There are exactly 36 singles that have a 4, a 5, a 6, etc. You probably have this list or can find it online (do a Google search for “Pick 3 36 numbers” and you will get several sites with the list). But I will give you something different in Book-8: a reduced list of numbers for all 10 key digits (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9). This reduced list comes from the Control Numbers.

For example, there are 22 numbers on the Control List that have a 0 (14 numbers less than the standard list of 36 numbers). There are 27 numbers that have a 2 (9 numbers less). There are 19 numbers that have a 7 (17 numbers less), and so forth. The list for all the digits will be included in Book-8. Use these lists when you are expecting a particular digit to hit. Make your selection from this shorter playlist because if your digit hits, the number that hits will usually be on the list I will give you in this book!

If you have not done so already; JOIN the 7 Day Club before Sunday! See the PDFs on top of THIS page for details on how to join. 


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