Making Money, a Solid Frame and SECRETS-2

QUESTION: Just a couple of questions; what would be the minimum amount to spend on pick 3 lotto? What would be a good return on investment?

ANSWER: I think it is best to view Pick 3 as a hobby and a fascinating intellectual challenge – as opposed to a money making system (at least for now). I have made money playing Pick 3 (and so have many of those who study my systems) – but the game remains, at its core, a game of chance. The core of the game is inherently unstable.
However, this “obstacle” has not discouraged me; I keep improving my systems every day in my quest of finding a truly reliable Pick 3 money making system, and I am closer to finding this “secret system” every day. I am definitely much closer to finding this secret system now than I was 20 years ago when I first got interested in the game. Therefore, see Pick 3 as a fascinating hobby, while keeping an eye out for reliable systems you can use to make money.
My next book, SECRETS-2, will be a major step in that direction; I will provide a solid reliable framework which can be used to classify every number that hits in the Pick 3 game. Every number in the game will be able to be tracked and classified based on this framework. I will also provide a list (a Control List) that hits 55.5% of the time! (NOTE: you can see the singles (only) that make up this Control List on my next 7 Day Numbers book (Book-8) coming out this coming Sunday, November 8:
SECRETS-2 will be ready in 2 to 3 weeks.

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