Book-10 is FREE This Week!

I have something special for everyone this week.

I am giving away Book-10 totally FREE.
There is no catch here; it’s REALLY 100% FREE!


There is a link to the PDF version of Book-10 at the end of this post. Book-10 has number predictions for 23 states. The numbers are good for this week: Sunday November 22 to Saturday November 28.

The Kindle version of the PDF will be up on Amazon hopefully tomorrow (Monday November 23). The price will be $2.99 – but you are getting it for FREE today. I am doing this for several reasons:

1-If you have not read any of the Kindle books in this series, now you can see the layout of the book and what information it has.

2-You will see all the hits from the first 9 books in the series.

3-You will get something very valuable: the last 60 numbers that hit in 23 states listed in order, with the most recent number first. So the first number listed for each state is the number that hit the night before on SATURDAY NIGHT.

NOTE: The 60 numbers listed for the 23 states have been converted to box form. The program that generates the Reference Boxes does this automatically. So 830 is converted to 038 and 921 is converted to 129. Keep this in mind when looking at the 60 numbers; they are NOT straight numbers.

4-You will be introduced to my most advanced system: Method 453. This is the most sophisticated and accurate system I have come up with in my 20+ years of studying the Pick 3 game.

5-I have a very Special Offer at the end of the book. This Special Offer gives you:

(1) VIP Access for 30 days. In other words, you will be a VIP member for 30 days.

(2) You will get the Method 453 Report.

(3) You will get my Method 453 Excel tracking sheet.

(4) You will get the PDF version of my next book, SECRETS-2.

Here is a prediction:

You will not look at the Pick 3 game the same way after you read SECRETS-2 – and I will show you a way to get it before it goes up on Amazon.

SECRETS-2 will be priced at $9.99 – but you will NOT have to pay for it if you take advantage of the offer I make at the end of Book-10.

If you like Book-10, you can purchase the future books in the series (Book-11, Book-12, etc.) on Amazon for just $2.99.

Better yet, join my 7 Day Club.

Membership to the 7 Day Club includes two things:

(1) You will get the PDF version of the book emailed to you on Sunday morning.

(2) You will get 30 day access to my programs.

The best thing is the price: only $12 to join.

If you want to join, email me with “Join 7DC – $12” on the subject line. My email is I will send you a Paypal invoice right away. After I get payment, I will add 30 days to your account or create an account with 30 day access if you are new.

Now, click on the link below to open Book-10.
And be ready to be impressed!


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