The Perfect 15 X 15 Matrix Tracking System Discovered!

I just had (another) big breakthrough!

I just realized that I can turn the ABC system into a perfect 15 X 15 matrix tracking system.

Let me explain. In the ABC list for New York (you should have this list if you are a paid member) there are 15 numbers per line and the top 5 lines (the numbers that hit the most in the last 1000 drawings) make up the hottest 75 numbers. These 5 lines will make up the A numbers in this new system.

The next set of 5 lines of 15 numbers will make up the B numbers.

The next set of 4 lines will make up the C numbers (4 x 15 = 60 numbers). So far we have 75 + 75 + 60 or 210 numbers. The only numbers left are the 10 triples. The triples make up the 5th line of the C numbers, therefore making the C numbers also have 5 lines, just like the A and B numbers; perfect!

This is very neat; there are 3 groups of numbers here (A, B, and C) with 5 lines each. All together they contain all the 220 numbers of the Pick 3 game.

Now, here is why this system is dramatically better than before; the new goal is to track LINES—-NOT Groups. In other words, the goal is to predict which line will hit next. The advantage of this is that lines only have 15 numbers – whereas groups have 60, 75 or even 80 numbers.

So here is what you will do: once you have the list for your state (the NY, FL, TX and NJ lists are available currently) track (or label) the last 50 to 100 numbers in your state to get an idea of what line follows each line. For example, your tracking sheet can look like this (these are just examples):

5–713 (the number 137 is in line 5)

8–597  (the number 579 is in line 8)

13–919 (the number 199 is in line 13)

9–115 (the number 115 is in line 9)

2–305 (the number 035 is in line 2)

After you have at least 50 numbers tracked, you will definitely see patterns. For example, you may notice that after line 8 hits, line 5 hits. Or that line 6 tends to follow line 4. Or that after lines 13, 14, or 15, lines 1, 2, or 3 hits.

Again, the advantage of this new strategy is obvious; now you are only playing 15 numbers, NOT 75 or 80 numbers.

Also, you don’t have to be right all the time. You can miss here and there and still end up showing a profit because when you hit, you will make up for previous losses (especially if you play online). And you can still use the old ABC system if you want because the top 5 lines make up the A numbers, the next 5 lines make up the B numbers, and the bottom lines make up the C numbers. And the regular triggers still hold (1) after two or more C numbers, the A numbers should follow (2) after 4 or more A misses, the A numbers should hit in the next 1 to 4 drawings.  

The Florida and Texas ABC lists (which I will post on over the weekend) will follow this new and improved format; 5 lines for the A, B, and C numbers.

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