Virginia PDF, Book-37 = TEXAS!

Two announcements.

First, if you bought the Virginia book, HERE


…and you would like the PDF version of it (much easier to read and navigate), email me at with the Verification Code you see on the last page of the Kindle on the subject line of your email. So this means that you will have to buy the Kindle first, which you can find HERE. And it’s super affordable at just $2.99.

Second, I will be focusing on TEXAS in Book-37, out this coming Sunday May 29. I will also be introducing NEW strategies. So if you play Texas numbers, this is a MUST READ Book. And just as a reminder, Book-40 (out June 19) will be the LAST Book available on Amazon as a Kindle. Starting from Book-41, all the Books will only be available to VIP and 7 Day Club members (only $12 to join for 5 weeks, and comes with 30 day access to my programs).  You can get information on how to join HERE.


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