I Hit 173 Straight in New York Last Night (5-27-2016)

This is My 3rd Straight Hit This Month!

I will explain how I got this 173 Straight hit in Book-37, out tomorrow morning, Sunday May 29. If you are on the 7 Day Club, you will get it in the morning. (I will explain the strategies I was going to explain in this Book in the following book, Book-38, out next week on Sunday June 5). 

In Book-37 I will also reveal my 7 SECRETS TO GETTING STRAIGHT HITS.  I will also explain my personal Saturday Night Routine that I go through every Saturday night to select the straight numbers I will be playing in the next 7 days! (Details on how to join the 7 Day Club are HERE).




UPDATE: Check out the updated VIP page HERE. 

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