Book-35 is Up on Amazon! (FREE Report for NC)


Book-35 is Up on Amazon!

See what I did for North Carolina (click on the link below to open a FREE PDF report for North Carolina).


The same idea applies to ALL states. Collect the codes from Reports 1 to 33 for your state.  (Book-35 explains how to do this in detail). You can get the codes for your state from the 27 Report books. Find your state on the list. The link over the cover will take you to the page where it is on Amazon HERE. (Virginia will be up in a day or two. South Carolina and New York will be up this or next week.)

You do NOT need a Kindle device to read these Kindle books. You can read them on your computer. Read the top of THIS PAGE for downloading instructions.

Here is what you have to download…THIS.

Get the hottest codes for your state (make sure the index is higher than 16, see Book-35), and then enter the 60 numbers for your state (which are listed for you on Book-35) into the R60 Decoding program to get the corresponding numbers for this week. THESE are the numbers you will play. I show you how to do this in the North Carolina report (click on blue link above). The best way to guarantee that you get the most recent book emailed to you on Sunday morning is to join the 7DC…HERE.


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