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Good for New York: DTD Reduction

I already started using the DTD Reduction system. Based on this system, I can remove the top digit in the 3rd position. DTD Reference Box/Playlist 10 Numbers used: 127 031 569 357 826 555 534 751 860 553  DTD Reference Box 4 7 9 8 6 5 2 0 3 0 1 1 7 3 […]

Brand New Report: DTD Reduction

See my brand new report: NEW Program coming10-17  

The DTD Program Deserves More Study

There are many, many interesting things in the DTD reference box. I have talked about some of them, others I have not.   For example, 031 just hit New York. Notice how the three digits (0, 3, 1) were at the bottom of the reference box going back 10 numbers from the 357.  Actually, it had […]

Email Me Your Winning Strategy

I am curious: Do you have a strategy that works? Are you using a Pick 3 strategy that helps you win consistently? You don’t have to make a killing with this system – It just has to give you steady consistent hits. It’s ok if the winnings are small. I am not concerned with theory […]

The Reference Box – The Pen and Paper Version

I hope that you enjoyed the free access to last week. I am not sure when I will make the offer again. If you want to continue access, you can join my coaching program (which includes the 30 day key digit training system) or you can join for just 30 days for a one […]