Use LESS Digits on the DTD Reduction Program

The DTD program gives you 5 digits for each position.

The playlist it gives you has 80 numbers (yeah, that’s a lot of numbers).

This means that for you to get the most from the DTD Reduction program you have to use LESS than 5 digits per position so you can get LESS than 80 numbers. That’s the whole point of the program; reducing the playlist.

I bring this up because some people are still using 5 or MORE digits per position; which defeats the purpose of the program.

You can click on the image below to see an example of the right way to use the program. In this case I am using these digits per position:

First: 2-4-6

Second: 5-6-1

Third: 7-8

Total playlist: 16 numbers (much better than 80 numbers!)

Click on the image below to expand it.


Update: The “Straight DTD Reduction” program should be ready within 48 hours!

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