Straight “DTD Reduction” Program Coming Soon!

Two quick announcements. 

First, I have a new mailing address. Email me to get my new mailing address if you are mailing in payment for the Pick 3 coaching program. My email is 

Secondly, I will be adding a new straight version of the current DTD Reduction program. The current program gives you the playlist for any set of digits you want for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions. I recommend you use the DTD program as a guide to get your digits – but actually you can use any system to come up with the digits you want for each of the 3 positions.   

The current DTD Reduction program gives you the numbers in box form so if you enter digits 6 and 3 for the first position, 2 and 4 for the second position and 7 and 9 for the third (63-24-79): the program will give you these 8 numbers in box form: 237 239 347 349 267 269 467 469 (8). Notice that the program does NOT keep the digits in the position you entered them because it arranges all digits from lowest to highest. 

The new straight version of the program will be excellent if you are looking for straight hits because it will keep the digits in the same position you entered them. This means that if you entered the same digits (63-24-79), it will give you this playlist: 627 629 647 649 327 329 347 349. This means that if any of any of these numbers hits with the digits in the exact position you entered them, you will get a STRAIGHT hit! 

This new program will be at soon!

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