Lucky 7 (Book-2): The INDEX and the 7 Number STRAIGHT Number System Revealed!

This is Book-2 in the series. It will be up on Amazon in a few days. This is the follow up Kindle to the first book in the series (link at the bottom of this post).


First of all, you should definitely read this Kindle (Book-2) if you are in these 3 “super states” (based on the state INDEX that I explain in this Kindle):

North Carolina, New Jersey, California 

Other hot states (based on the state INDEX as of March 2019) are: Delaware, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina. The Index applies to ALL states but these states in particular have a higher than average Index at the moment (the Index is not fixed; it changes).

IMPORTANT: The higher the Index, the more likely it is that one or more of the Lucky numbers will hit in the next 7 days.

I explain 3 important strategies in this Kindle:

1-First I explain the format of my new updated Hit Report.

2-Then I explain a brand NEW way of identifying the best states to play using what I call the state Index (this is a brand NEW strategy that I do not explain anywhere else).

3-New STRAIGHT NUMBER SYSTEM:  In this Kindle I also explain a system you can use in states that have a double in the first set of 7 numbers (like North Carolina) to occasionally get STRAIGHT HITS in the Pick 3 game while only playing 7 NUMBERS! This STRAIGHT number system can actually be used in ANY state that has one or more DOUBLES in the first set of Lucky 7 numbers. I explain this amazing strategy in detail in this Kindle! This Kindle will be up on Amazon in a few days! You should read the first Kindle in the series before reading this one. The link to it is below:



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