4 Hits So Far! (make that 5!)

UPDATE–372 hit Connecticut!

Good for Sunday to Saturday (March 5-11)
123 127 128 137 138 178 237 238 278 378 (10)


I predicted hits in 5 states this week.
So far 4 of the states got a hit…and its only Tuesday!

Arkansas: 357
New York: 381
Virginia: 035
Pennsylvania: 897

The original post is HERE.


Hits come from the FRONT –or the BACK

Here is an easy way of classifying the numbers that hit. A hit can come from the FRONT (first 5 numbers) or it can come from the BACK (last 5 numbers). In the example below, if 821 hits, we can say that it came from the FRONT. If 738 hits, we can say that it came from the BACK.

STRATEGY: If the last two hits (last two weeks) came from the front, there is a good chance that the next hit will come from the back, and vice versa; if the last two hits came from the back, the next hit will most likely come from the front.

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