60 and 200

There are two sets of numbers you want to pay attention to in the Pick 3 game: the last 60 and the last 200 numbers. More specifically, you want to know the digit distribution of these numbers (the digits arranged from hottest to coldest). I already discussed the distribution of the last 60 numbers in previous posts (HERE and HERE). Insofar as the last 200 numbers are concerned, pay attention to the first 4 digits (the 4 hottest digits in the last 200 drawings). For example, the 4 hottest digits last night in New York were 9-7-1-0. When wheeled, we get 4 numbers: 017 019 079 179.

One of the 4 numbers (079) just hit New York as 907.

When these 4 digits change, pay attention because sometimes one of the 4 numbers will hit.

You can get the distribution of the last 200 numbers using any of these programs:

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