New Program (More Hits)

I just put up a new program. This program gives you a playlist of 10 numbers based on the coldest digits in the last 60 drawings.

This list will have more hits for some states. For example, there are no hits so far from the 10 numbers I posted for New York for this week…HERE.

However, there have been 3 hits from the 10 numbers based on the 5 coldest digits (from the list from Saturday night). The numbers 139, 095 and 105 came from the 5 coldest digits from the output on Saturday night (0-9-1-5-3).


By the way….there were two hits the previous week:


I am seeing 3 hits in TENNESSEE so far this week:

I suggest you test out this new program in your state.

Membership details are HERE.

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