FREE Straight Pick 4 Numbers!

I will be posting STRAIGHT Pick 4 numbers starting next week.
I will post the numbers on Sunday morning.
The numbers will be good for the next 7 days (Sunday to Saturday).
The states below have been paid for (someone paid $60 to get these
numbers). NOTE: If you paid for your state and you don’t see it below,
email me.

New York
New Mexico
Rhode Island

So you don’t have to pay for the states above; you will get the Pick 4
numbers for these states for FREE.  You only have to pay if the state
you want is not on this list.

IMPORTANT: Do not expect every state to get a hit next week.
Or the week after. It can take several weeks to see a hit.
I will try to keep my list short; 10 to 15 Straight Pick 4 numbers.
The numbers have to be played both box and straight.
A “hit” will be a BOX or STRAIGHT hit.
I am of course aiming for a straight hit…but we have to be realistic.
The Pick 4 game is tough to crack…but I will do my best.

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