A Mind Power Experiment (Good Luck)

Amazing things have been happening to me after I started listening to this subliminal Booster–HERE.

Basically, listening to this very short audio (its less than 3 minutes long) on a regular basis will send super-positive statements to your subconscious mind (I suggest you use HEADPHONES when listening to it). This in term will cause MIRACLES to happen in your life….such as (hopefully) winning the Pick 3 or the Pick 4 games. You do NOT have to BELIEVE in any of this; you just have to listen to this program a few times for a week (7 days). For proof of this, read the comment section below this video. People have being getting real-life RESULTS from listening to this booster program.

To learn more about this Booster, read THIS.

Here is an Experiment: listen to this program 5X every day (its only about 3 minutes long) for a week (7 days) and email me if something AMAZING happens to you (like you getting more MONEY). Just put it on LOOP (right click on the video):

Here is another good one—HERE.

One more…..HERE.

AFTER you listen to these Booster programs, listen to some GOOD LUCK, MONEY or I WIN THE LOTTERY programs, like THIS ONE.

This one:

And definately this one:

There are many of these–HERE.

A couple of rules:

1-Always listen to a BOOSTER first, like THIS ONE.

2-Then listen to a WEALTH or MONEY MAKING subliminal.

3-Listen to a I WIN THE LOTTERY program last.

4-Only listen to programs that have MANY views, (2K or more) and that have several POSITIVE comments (“this actually works!”).

5-Experiment with listening to a MONEY or GOOD LUCK program overnight (these are 8 hours long).

6-If a program gives you a headache, STOP listening to it.

If great things start happening to you after listening to these programs, let me know!

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