Testimonial I Just Got (Take 5 Update)

Thanks for the updates. I really appreciate the way u keep them coming. Also I wanted to let u know that on 10/26 I used your distribution system -40 and one of the numbers that came up was 489. To make a long story short, I played it and WON! and I played it the way it came up on your pgm which was exactly that way. I would like to leave u a positive feedback. Please let me know where I can do this. Have a great day and thanks again for the updates. Angela.


She is refereing to my update on the TAKE 5 Game. 

To get this update, email me with SEND TAKE 5 UPDATE on the subject line of your email. This update will be FREE. To keep getting my reports on the Take 5 game in the future (I keep improving my Take 5 system every day) you will have to be a Money Club (8 weeks) or Gold-Plus (3 months) member. 

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