“Day by day I lose hope. I don’t how to get a hit.”

Day by day I lose hope. I don’t how to get a hit. Even after 2 programs purchased still I failed to hit. Kindly help and send the next hit for my state.

Do you understand that what we are trying to do here is IMPOSSIBLE?

We are trying to predict the next number that will hit in a game ruled by randomness. Ask any Mathematician the likelihood of accurately predicting the next number that will hit in the Pick 3 game and he will say the same thing I just said: it’s impossible.

You been doing this for a few weeks and you are complaining that you are not getting any hits. I been doing this for more than 20 years and it is only now that things are starting to fall into place. If you want a dependable way of making money…try something else – playing a game of chance (and complaining when you don’t hit) is not for you. 

(I will eventually figure out how to make money consistently playing Pick 3 – but you will have to be patient).

If however, you appreciate every improvement that I keep making in the game, stick with me. If you can not do that, try something else.

One more thing – STOP spending money on the numbers.

Your desperation tells me one thing: you are losing money. You are probably losing money every day. I have said this before and I will say it again: when you are losing money, you should STOP putting money on the numbers and PLAY ON PAPER ONLY.

Read THIS.

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