Q and A for August 7: 15 Day Cycles and Meta Numbers

You put so much stuff out–so fast–my brain can’t assimilate it. Ha. What is your advice on this?

You have to go slow; I DO put out a lot of stuff. So it takes time to take it all in. My new 15 day cycle….of posting numbers on the 1st and the 15th of the month and making them be good for the next 15 days…will simplify things a lot. This way you do one workout around the 15th and the 30th of the month and then just see what hits in the next 15 days…..as opposed to trying to predict numbers every day of the week/month. (By the way, 15 days represents 30 drawings.)

On straights, what’s your opinion on fast vs. slow states? I figure the more draws, the more likely a straight will hit, but maybe not…

Fast states are better (2 draws per day).

I imagine with 20 years of experience, you have some sage advice on the best way to organize everything.

I do; just follow the pattern I will be using in the next few straight books. Basically, I will be focusing on Meta numbers; numbers showing up on both the 300 draw Straight matching program and regular Group Matching program (Hotlist)….and playing those numbers that show up on both lists. These are Meta numbers. For example, right now, 800 is a 4-way number (straight) in New York and its also shows up as a hot box number when using the same 300 drawings on the Group Matching program. This makes it a Meta number. What I will be doing is identifying these on the 15th and the 30th of the month and placing a BLANKET BET on these numbers at 5dimes covering 15 days (or I can do 2 Blanket bets of one week each). THIS WAY I ONLY HAVE TO PLAY THEM ONE TIME – AS OPPOSED TO GOING ONLINE EVERY DAY FOR THE NEXT TWO WEEKS. 

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