6 Basic Box program Updates

  1. The Basic Box program now lists all 85 singles for the 3 digits. So you can log in right now, enter the last 10 numbers that hit your state, and get the playlist for all 3 basic keys.
  2. You can enter the 3 digits that the Basic Box program gives you on the Digit Playlist 104 program to get a shorter playlist.
  3. You can use the “Master List 140” program to get a list of both singles and doubles for the 3 basic keys.
  4. The 3 basic keys CAN be used on a draw to draw basis.
  5. I talk about tracking doubles on the text of the program by tracking the coldest digit. I would not pay too much attention to that.
  6. The BEST use of this program is paying attention to the 3 basic key digits because they DO in fact hit on the next one or two drawings over and over again!
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