“What Double Should I Play This Week?”

A good double to play every week is the first digit in the five digits in line 1. So if the first of the five digits is 5, play 55x for the week (Sunday to Saturday, 7 days). If the first digit is 0, play 00x, and so forth. Below are three examples from Book-32 (good for the week of April 24 to April 30).

Washington DC
1-Top 5 Digits for 60D: 5-9-0-2-3
Result: 055 hit on Friday April 29.

1-Top 5 Digits for 60D: 0-3-4-7-8
Result: 006 hit on Wednesday April 27.

1-Top 5 Digits for 60D: 3-9-5-8-2
Result: 233 hit on Monday April 24.

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