FREE Access Sunday Oct 26 + CONTENT

I am giving everybody FREE access to on Sunday October 26 for 24 hours. Here is the login information:

Login page:

Password: 45678

Click on the link at the end of this post to open a PDF report containing more details. 

I will be sending out the updated “2-Level System” report for FREE to everybody sometime before Wednesday. (Make sure you are on my email list. To be added, email me at

However, you should have the original report I sent out on Thursday.


By the way…465 just hit New York.

And it was on the list I posted last night (of course):

Let me say it again: The Basic Box program generates CONSISTENT hits.

One more thing: this program will NEVER go cold.

This is assuming actual balls are used.
This program will NOT work so well in states that use computerized drawings.

Let me define “A system going Cold” here: When a system does NOT hit for 2 WEEKS (28 drawings) or longer. 

You will see from time to time 2 or 3 or maybe 4 consecutive days where none of the 85 numbers hits for midday or evening (I call these Losing Days). But that’s about it. You will NOT see these numbers not hitting for WEEKS or MONTHS at a time.

And I have 2 Rules to deal with Losing Days: 

1. Do NOT Play After a Losing Day. 

2. Start Playing Again the Day After a Winning Day. 

Winning Day: when one of the 85 numbers hits for midday or evening.

This means that after a Losing Day you stop playing. You then wait for a Winning Day. You start playing again the day after.

Example: Tuesday is a Losing Day. You stop playing. Wednesday is a Losing Day too, but that’s OK because you stopped playing the day before. Thursday is a Winning Day. You start playing again on Friday.

I will explain exactly WHY the Basic Box program will never go cold in a future report. For now, you have to trust me:

The Basic Box program will NEVER go cold. 


Go here for more details on computerized drawings:


Email me if you have any questions:

Click on link below to open PDF report.


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