Numbers for New York for Tomorrow

Several people have emailed me and told me that they are not getting my emails every night with my New York numbers for the following day.

So what I decided to do from now on is to post them on a page on a page on this blog every night.

From now on, just go to his page at night (8pm to 11pm) and you will see my predictions for the following day.

EVERYONE will have access to this, so I will NOT be posting the full output of the Basic Box program. I will only post the hottest digits, coldest digit, and of course, the 85 numbers.

Here are the numbers for tomorrow, Thursday Oct 16 for New York:

If you are on my Paid Coaching Program

Go to this page every night from now on if you follow the New York numbers.

To see the full output of the Basic Box program, just copy and paste the “10 Numbers used” onto the program.

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