DR20 SYSTEM Program Moved

This program is now higher up on the menu.

This program uses the last 20 drawings.

This program turns all numbers into box numbers and gives the corresponding REVELATION box for the 20 numbers entered (for an explanation of both the Reference Box and the Revelation box, read THIS KINDLE). Example: in a Revelation Box the number 744 becomes 447. The program wheels the top SIX digits:

Based on the output above, maybe 059 will hit. Or maybe 025, 159, or 125.

The program wheels the top six digits (which in this example can be reduced to 01259).

Wheeling Program
Wheel 01259:
012 015 019 025 029 059 125 129 159 259 (10)

There is a chance one of these 10 numbers will hit in the next 1 to 6 drawings. It is best to use this program along with some other system or workout. For example; use this program together with the 3 NUMBER SYSTEM.

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