258 STRAIGHT in New York (Explanation)

I predicted 258 straight in my NY page HERE.

258 hit NY today:

How did I know that (1) 258 would hit and (2) that it would hit as 258?

If you purchased the 3 NUMBER SYSTEM, look at the NEW report I just posted on the bottom. It explains how I came up with 258 and WHY I believed that it would most likely hit as 2-5-8.


UPDATE: Don’t worry about purchasing my PICK 4 System. I will be posting the STRAIGHT Pick 4 numbers for New York, OHIO, and MISSOURI for FREE. And actually, I may end up just selling the actual numbers to play because the workout is way too complicated. It will be much easier if I just gave out the straight numbers to play. I may sell the workout separately to those who are interested.

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