I have updated my Straight Pick 4 System.

The NEW way I am approaching the Pick 4 game is by using a 4-part coding system. In other words, I am using 4 different distributions to code the game. This means that I have 4 separate ways of catching a straight hit! If one approach does not work, I have 3 backup systems that can capture the straight number. Another improvement I made is that now I am coding each state separately. What I did before was to combine the codes from different states – which is NOT a good idea because each state behaves differently. So I will start by coding New York. If you purchased this product you will soon be able to read my explanation of how my new updated coding system works. The Updates will be on the bottom of the page:

Then I will add the codes for OHIO (no extra charge!). This will include the EXCEL SHEET that will give you the actual numbers to play after you enter the distributions (everything will be explained in a report). Same thing for MISSOURI; I will code it and upload the EXCEL sheet that will give you the STRAIGHT PICK 4 numbers to play on Saturday night. These numbers will be good for the coming week (Sunday to Saturday). I may add one or two more states to this product…the other states I will post as separate products (example: STRAIGHT Pick 4 numbers for Georgia, Texas, Florida, etc.).

If you already purchased the product, there is nothing for you to do; just wait for me to add the Excel sheets for NEW YORK, OHIO, and MISSOURI for the Pick 4 game. They should all be ready in 1 to 2 weeks!

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