20 Number Maximum (NEW Better System!)

I just made a dramatic improvement to my coding system.

I have been getting several hits per week in NY as you can see HERE –  but I have been playing 30 to 50 numbers per week to get these hits (I am playing these numbers for 0.25 cents box at 5dimes.com). I am still showing a profit…but playing 30 to 50 numbers every week is just too much.

I just figured out a way to cut down my playlist to 20 numbers per week. Therefore, I will now have a very strict rule about not playing more than 20 numbers. These are 20 box numbers and they are singles. This means that I will just need to get at least 2 hits during the week to show a profit at 5dimes.com. NOTE: If you do not have my 5dimes reports, email me with SEND 5DIMES REPORTS on the subject line of your email to get my FREE reports explaining how 5dimes works. You can email me at aanewyork4000@gmail.com.

This new updated system uses both hot codes and pairs to identify these 20 super hot numbers. But it gets even better because 7 of these numbers will be SUPER HOT. Actually, you will get a hit most weeks by just playing these 7 lucky numbers. The 7 super hot numbers for NY this week were: 023, 025, 028, 058, 067, 079, 258.

If you noticed, one of these numbers hit New York tonight: 230.

Using this system, the 20 numbers that I would have played in NY this week (SUN June 24 to SAT June 30) would have been these (the 7 lucky numbers plus 13 other numbers):

012 023 025 026 027 028 029 058 067 068
069 078 079 089 234 256 258 345 358 569

I will be posting the 20 numbers for this coming week for NY tomorrow night right here on this blog. You will be able to find a similar list of 20 hot numbers IF YOU KNOW MY CODING SYSTEM (I will be writing a new report that explains how this system works soon). If you have not learned my coding system, I suggest you do 3 things:

1-Read the Kindle Introduction (just $2.99).

2-Then purchase The Coding Report:

3-If you want to get really GOOD at coding the numbers in your state (while getting personally coached by me via email), I suggest you take my Training: https://pick3master333.com/best-system/


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