If you previously purchased the Coding Report, Book-3 (The 3 Week Trigger) or you took my Training, check your inbox. I just sent you the updated edition of Book-4. In this book I explain (among other things) exactly what I did to get 7 hits last week in the Pick 3 game in New York. You can see the hits HERE. 

I am expecting another 7 or 8 hits THIS WEEK!

This book contains ADVANCED coding strategies, so it will only make sense to those who previously read the first 3 books in the series, which I discuss HERE. 

Good News: Book-4 will be up as a Kindle on Amazon in about a week. The following books in the series (Book-5, 6, 7, etc) will also be up on Amazon as Kindles. They will be priced at $9.99. To avoid confusion with my other “books”, I will start the numbering sequence with the number 704 (Book-704). This will be the equivalent to Book-4. So Book-5 will be titled Book-705, Book-6 will be titled Book-706, etc.

2-GAME SYSTEM: I am now seeing the possibility of playing two separate games in the Pick 3 game. In Game 1 you play MANY numbers (but still show a profit). In Game 2 you will be playing about 5 numbers – and also showing a BIG PROFIT (I explain how to get these 5 super hot numbers in Book-4). I will most likely start explaining this new strategy in detail in Book-5 (which will be Book-705 on Amazon). And as I have done before, email me the code on the last page of the Kindle and I will email you the PDF (or you can purchase the PDF directly from me for $9.99)


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