I Made a Mistake

I think I made a mistake by switching from the Reference Box 210 program (purple below) to the Visual Digit 200 program. I made the switch for coding purposes – but the Reference Box 210 program is actually better.

I say that because the Reference Box 210 actually gives you ONE powerful STRAIGHT number that tends to hit over and over again (back test in your state to verify).

For example; below is the output from the Visual program using the last 200 numbers for NEW YORK from November 12.

Below is the output using the Reference 210 program.

Notice that top two numbers: 764 and 458.

Notice that 458 hit straight on the 23rd. I have seen this happen over and over again with this program (Reference 210) – not so much with the Visual 200 program.

Therefore, I will be using the Reference 210 program going forward.

The top number tends to hit in the next TWO weeks in New York. I suggest you back test this program in your state to see if this happens in your state as well.

Remember: get the 200 numbers on SATURDAY night; then check to see if the top number hits straight in the next two weeks (next 14 days or the next 28 drawings). If you are in a one draw per day state, check the next 28 drawings. In Georgia and Texas, check the next 2 weeks.

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