Major Discovery: Master 20

***Major Discovery!**

The top 6 digits of the Reference Box can be wheeled into 20 numbers. One or two of these 20 numbers will many times hit in the next 4 drawings. It actually happened tonight in New York. The 579 that just hit was in the top 2 levels of the Reference Box.

Master 20

10 Numbers used: 253 316 640 514 149 276 380 885 385 590

DTD Reference Box
9 1 7
2 0 5

579 Just Hit New York (Wednesday night, Feb 19).


I will create a new Master program based on this discovery: Master 20.

UPDATE: Master 20 will become my MAIN program and the 20 numbers this program gives you will be my Master List of numbers to play. Master 26 will be renamed and placed lower on the menu. I want to focus completely on these 20 numbers because they have a track record of hitting consistently. If you have been using my programs for a while, I am sure you have noticed the same thing; the top 6 digits of the DTD program hit all the time. And what I have found is that when you wheel these 6 digits, you get a fairly short list of 20 numbers that tend to hit in the next 4 drawings over and over again.


You can wheel 6 digits HERE or HERE.

However, the new Master 20 program will wheel these 6 digits for you.


Update for Thursday, February 20

The Master 20 program is better than the Master 26 program (6 less numbers to play!).

The Master 20 program uses the top 6 digits of the DTD Reference Box and wheels them to create 20 numbers that tend to hit in the next 4 drawings.

A great thing about this is that playing 20 numbers WILL make it profitable for you to play online at because 5dimes pays $150 for a box hit.

You can bet as little as 0.25 cents per number online which means $10 for all 20 numbers per dray….or $20 for the 4 drawings.

However, assuming you play each number for $1:

20 numbers X 4 drawings = $80.

$150 – $80 = $70 Profit.

That’s what we want: a Profit!

This program will be up on today.

I highly recommend you join my coaching program RIGHT NOW! I have made incredible improvements to my systems lately and the brand new Master 20 is a great example of that. Join now. Its $60 a month.

You can cancel anytime.

You can sign up at the bottom of my home page here:

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