The Win 4 Master List (FREE)

I just made an incredible discovery and I will be sharing it with you FREE of charge. But first, a few facts about Win 4.

There are 360 box doubles (1123, 3455, 4588).
There are 210 box singles (1234, 2346, 5689, etc.).
There are 90 box triples (1112, 2225, 5559)
There are 45 box double-doubles (1122, 3366, 7788).
There are 10 quads (1111, 2222, 3333).

That’s an amazing 715 numbers.
That is A LOT of numbers to keep track of.

However, I just found a shortcut. I have identified the “best of the best” in this list of 715 box numbers. My shorter list cuts this list to about half. My “master” list of Win 4 numbers is made up of just 336 box numbers. These are the only numbers you have to concern yourself with in the Win 4 game. Actually, I would not be surprised if 4, 5, or 6 of the last 10 Win 4 numbers that hit your state are on this list because my list of 336 box numbers hits 57% of the time! And here is a great thing about this list: it has singles, doubles, double-doubles and even triples; so it covers all the bases (the 10 quads are not included since they rarely hit). But it gets even better:

1-I have divided the list into 34 lines. Each line has 10 numbers (line 34 only has 6 numbers). So right from the get-go you have (1) a system with only 34 sets or lines and (2) there are only 10 numbers per line. And I have to tell you this; there is a super EASY and EFFECTIVE strategy built into this system and I am going to give it to you right now: Identify which is the most due LINE in your state (the line that has not gotten a hit in the longest time and is most due) and just play numbers from this SHORT list of 10 numbers. Even Better: Just play the doubles, double-doubles, or triples on the list!

2-NO CODING REQUIRED. You do NOT have to code anything; you just need the list.

3-NO PROGRAM REQUIRED. That’s right; you will NOT need to use any of my programs because…

4-The list is FIXED. The list does not change; the 336 numbers on this list are always the same. The 10 numbers on each line are always the same. This will give you PEACE of mind and a “handle” on the Win 4 game once and for all. All of a sudden the Win 4 game will lose its mystery and seem “manageable.”

5-You can PRINT the list and put it somewhere where you can see it. Look at the last few Win 4 numbers that hit your state. Now see which lines or GROUP (to be explained later this week) the numbers came from and use this information (LINE number and GROUP number) to predict which line or group will hit next!

I will be sending out this Master List of Win 4 numbers out THIS WEEK.

And guess what, you will get it FREE of charge!!

Just make sure you are on my EMAIL list: email me at or with “”ADD ME”” on the subject line of your email to be added to my email list if you are not already on my list.

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