Hot List

NY This Week (July 17-23): 026, 028, 078, 079, 149, 156, 166, 167, 257 (9)

I just updated the codes for New York (Week 1 to Week 43) and unfortunately this resulted in 9 hot codes for NY, not 5. This means that there are 9 hot numbers for New York this week. Play them if you can afford to. If not, play the ones you like best. These numbers […]

The BEST Numbers to Play in Any State.

Here is how to get the best numbers to play in your state (or any other state): Get the 4-way and 3-way numbers from the Summary Report from the Revelation 20-40-60 programs. These are the absolute best numbers you will find. Reference Box Programs > REVELATION 20 > REVELATION 40 > REVELATION 60 > REVELATION […]

How to Get a Hotlist for This Week

EMAIL I JUST GOT: How is everything? I hope all is well. I need help here in New York. Have you already put out your pick 3 list for this week? I need help to take this game down. The number I’m trying to beat up is 585 for evening tonight. Can you help me?  […]

The Automatic Hot List

I just realized something. The playlist generated by the Revelation 4-10 program is ALWAYS hot. ALWAYS. In ALL States. You just need the Box Positional Control program to generate the actual playlist. Here is the current list for NY. Revelation 4-10 10 numbers used: 199 129 028 259 037 169 037 038 369 445 REV4: […]

Hit Parade 100: The Hottest 100 Numbers in the Pick 3 Game

There are 220 box numbers in the Pick 3 game. What if you can cut that down to just……100? Would that help?? YES it would! Below you will see the top 100 numbers in New York in the Pick 3 game. Most of the hits in NY come from this list. These numbers should also […]

New York Number Player

Check this site at the start of every month if you play the New York Pick 3 game: Now, go to the middle of the page and look at the 5 digits in his Trap-Skeet layout. For this month the five digits are 01569. Now go here: Enter the five digits and the […]

New York Only Pick 3 Predictions List

Many people on my general Pick 3 email list do NOT play the New York Pick 3 game so my predictions for the New York game are not useful for them. So what I decided to do is to create a new list where I send out predictions just for the NEW YORK game. If […]