Book-28 (Preview of Secrets-4)

Book-28 will be out tomorrow, March 27. This book will give you a sneak peak of Secrets-4; which promises to be an AMAZING book! To make sure that Book-28 is in  your inbox in the morning, I suggest you join the 7 Day Club  if you have not done so already. For details on joining, go HERE.  Hopefully, this book will up on Amazon on Monday morning. See below for the list of the Brand NEW strategies you will find in this book!


•What Numbers to Code
•Mark Every Sunday: 25, 26, 27, 28, etc.
•The 7 Day Review (Detailed Explanation)
•Preview of Secrets-4
•The Brand NEW Straight Group Matching 60 program
•This is REAL!!
•258 Hit NY on March 16 (Code 3-1-4)
•NEW! The 27 Report Book Series!
•Clarification on 7 Day Club Membership
•Exception to the 10 Number Rule
•The 10 Number System – Part 3 (Charting)


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