The Book for YOUR state is Coming Soon!

I am getting ready to put out the 27 Reports books: You can see some of the book covers at the bottom of this post. These Kindle books will focus on ONE state only. They will have 27 consecutive Summary Reports from Book-1 (Sept 2015) to Book-27 (March 2016). All the hits will be highlighted in the reports so you can see them easily. Also, all the numbers that hit during the week will be included in every report as well – so it will be easy to compare the numbers in the report with the actual numbers that hit that week.

What does all of this mean?

It means that it will be super easy to see patterns!

Special Bonus: ALL the numbers that hit that were in the Revelation Box for the week will be listed and CODED.

That’s right; these books will have the codes for ALL 27 weeks!

These Kindle books should start coming out in a week or two.

Very Important: Email me if you don’t see your state on this PAGE  – there is a good chance I will put out a book for your state as well!

Good News! All these books will be priced at just $2.99 !!











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