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I Just Improved the Revelation 60 Program

Click on link below to open my latest PDF Report! REV-60-IMPROVEMENT

Book-26 is up on Amazon! (Guaranteed Money Maker – PROOF Provided)

Book-26 is up on Amazon! This book includes: The 10 Number System – Part 1 This is a (Virtually) Guaranteed Way to Win Consistently at the Pick 3 Game!! PROOF of this is Provided! Book-26 ============================ 11 Hits so far from this book! Sunday-Mar 6 Arkansas: 263 (236) California: 267 (267) Washington DC: 014 […]

NEW BOOK: Advanced Tracking Systems!!

You can find this book HERE. Click on the link below to open a PDF Report containing a detailed description of what you will find in this NEW book! ADV-TRACKING-MARCH-15  

Detailed Preview of Book-26

This book will include: The 10 Number System – Part 1: This is a (Virtually) Guaranteed Way to Win Consistently at the Pick 3 Game!! I will provide PROOF of this! Other topics and Strategies I will cover in this book: •458 in New York •First Learn the Basics •Understanding the 60 Numbers •Study First […]

Visual Hit Report for Book-25 (100% FREE!)

Visual Hit Report for Book-25 100% FREE! I am including both the Word and PDF edition of the report. You can write in the Word version. Click on links below to open reports. 25-Hit-Report-March-10 25-Hit-Report-March-10

Higher Quality Books Coming Up! (Book-26)

If you read the last book (Book-25) I am sure you noticed that it’s of a much higher quality than the previous books in this series. It is longer than the previous books and it’s FULL of strategies, examples, and updates. I even provided step by step instructions on how to get the codes for […]

Book-25 is up on Amazon! Coding System 444

Book-25: 15 Summary Report Hits Sunday-Mar 6 Connecticut: 690 (069) Florida: 409 (049) Indiana: 179 (179) Michigan: 358 (358) Washington: 085 (058) Monday-Mar 7 Arizona: 826 (268) California: 649 (469) Florida: 790 (079) Florida: 249 (249) Georgia: 816 (168) Nebraska: 180 (018) New Jersey: 852 (258) Ohio: 328 (238) Oklahoma: 894 (489) Virginia: 429 […]

Coding System 444 in Action (FREE Report!)

Click on link below to open FREE PDF Report! 7-DAY-REVIEW-NY-BOOK-24  

Book-25 is the BEST Book so Far (Already Sent)

I just sent out Book-25 to members of the 7 Day Club and VIP members. I have to tell you; this is the BEST book in the series so far. In this book I go over several improvements I have made to my systems and introduce some new systems. The best new system is a […]

Book 25: Coding System 444 Revealed!

Book-25 will reveal a brand new system: Coding System 444  ==================================== This Special Edition of the 7 Day Numbers will include a brand new coding system I am calling Coding System 444. This is one of the best things I have come up with in a while – and that is saying alot because I […]