Higher Quality Books Coming Up! (Book-26)

If you read the last book (Book-25) I am sure you noticed that it’s of a much higher quality than the previous books in this series. It is longer than the previous books and it’s FULL of strategies, examples, and updates. I even provided step by step instructions on how to get the codes for any state using Georgia and New York as examples.

Book-25 was a higher quality book because I put in more time and effort into writing it than what I normally do. It also came with a bonus; you got 60 day access to my programs by emailing me the code at the end of the book.

This will continue; I will keep putting in a great deal of time and effort in the upcoming books in this series for a simple reason; I am very close to achieving my goal. I am very close to solving the Pick 3 Riddle once and for all and finding (finally!!) a way of making money consistently playing Pick 3. And even if I don’t sold the riddle completely, I will at least be coming up with solid workable strategies that give you a short list of numbers to play for the week.

One thing is certain: My systems will improve dramatically in the next few weeks! I am 100% sure of that.

Putting more time and effort into the upcoming books means that I will keep pricing the Kindles at $9.99; I just don’t see the point of putting out better quality books and selling them for $2.99.

However, you will save money if you join the 7 Day Club because for $12 you will get 5 books; that’s right; from this point forward I will make sure you get 5 weeks when you join the 7 Day Club; even if the month has 4 weeks. Paying $12 for 5 books (emailed to you on Sunday morning) turns out to be just $2.40 per book (as compared to $9.99 on Amazon).

In addition, these $9.99 books will ALL come with 30 day access to my programs. This means that you will always “be ahead” at least a month. It won’t be long before you have a full YEAR worth of access to my programs! Below I list the NEW and UPDATED benefits of joining the 7 Day Club:

Updated 7 Day Club Membership Benefits

Receiving the PDF edition of the book emailed to you on Sunday morning for a full month (5 SUNDAYS). The PDF should be in your inbox by 10:30 AM – 11 AM on Sunday morning during the month that you are a member.
30 Day Access to Pick3programs.com (normally $60 a month).
My latest and most up to date Discoveries and Breakthroughs. I am ALWAYS improving my systems and I make sure to include my most recent discoveries and improvements in the latest edition of this book series.
Book-25: This Kindle is priced at $9.99 on Amazon. Once you join the 7 Day Club, I will email you the PDF edition of this book right away. This is a Special Edition book containing several updates and improvements to my system. It also has Coding System 444; a new way of identifying the codes of the hottest numbers that hit your state.
60 Day Access: Book-25 also comes with 60 Day Access to Pick3programs.com. Simply email me the code you see on the last page on the subject line of your email and I will add 60 days to your account. This is in ADDITION to the 30 days you get as a 7 Day Club member. So in total, you will get 3 month access to my programs for just $12!

Email me at aa2newyork@aol.com with “$12 – 7 Day Club” on the subject line to join if you are not currently a member. I will send you a Paypal invoice right away. You will get the benefits I just listed right away!

IF YOU ARE ALREADY A MEMBER; You can always add 5 weeks of membership (5 Books) at anytime by sending $12. Just write “$12 – Add 5 Weeks” on the subject line of your email. 


Preview of Book-26 ($9.99 on Amazon): It will be up on Amazon on Monday Feb 14. 7 Day Club members will get it on Sunday morning, Feb 13. 


•458 in New York
•How About Doubles?
•You Only Have to Focus on 3 Things
•Shooting Fish in a Barrel
•What You Must Do To Improve Your Game
•Coding System 444 Update: The 4 Types of Codes
•UPDATE: How to Organize the Numbers: A Completely New and Better Way to Organize the Numbers That Hit!
•(START) Sunday——-Saturday (END)

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