Detailed Preview of Book-26

This book will include: The 10 Number System – Part 1: This is a (Virtually) Guaranteed Way to Win Consistently at the Pick 3 Game!! I will provide PROOF of this!


Other topics and Strategies I will cover in this book:

•458 in New York
•First Learn the Basics
•Understanding the 60 Numbers
•Study First – Play Later
•UPDATE: How to Organize the Numbers: A Completely New and Better Way to Organize the Numbers That Hit!
•(START) Sunday———–Saturday (END)
The Red Zone—–The End Zone
•The NEW 7 Day Review Layout
•The 10 Red Zone Numbers
Only Focus on 3 Things
•Shooting Fish in a Barrel
•Past Numbers
•Other States/Countries
•The Report has Several Systems
•What You Must Do To Improve Your Game
The 10 Numbers System – Part 1
•Coding System 444 Update: The 4 Types of Codes
•How About Doubles?


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