The META List Kinde is up on Amazon!

The META List is HERE. On this Kindle I explain how to come up with a very powerful and accurate Pick 3 list that I call the Meta List. Many of the Pick 3 numbers on this amazing list will hit in the next couple of weeks and months. This list is almost like having a cheat sheet for the Pick 3 game. The winning number will be on this list many times. And best of all, this list only has about 44 numbers (all singles). The Pick 3 game has 120 singles – so reducing this list down to the hottest 44 singles is a BIG help. Follow my step-by-step instructions so you too can create the Meta List for your state! You can get it HERE.

If you play the TEXAS Pick 3 game you NEED this Kindle because the Meta List works unusually well in TEXAS!

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