How to Find the Hottest DOUBLES and TRIPLES 

My new Kindle (How Coding Works) will be up on Amazon
in a day or two. Here I explain how my updated coding system
works. I use Pennsylvania numbers in my explanation but the
system works in all states.

After you purchase the Kindle (I will send out the link
once its up), go to the last page. There you will find a
link to a page where you download the PDF edition of
the Kindle (which is easier to read).

You will also be able to download the Excel sheet for
Pennsylvania (if you play PA Pick 3 numbers, you will want
to download this sheet).

You can also download a general Excel sheet that you can
use in ANY state. This sheet is called:

BONUS REPORT: I also included a Special Report explaining
how you can use my coding system to find the best DOUBLES
and TRIPLES in the Pick 3 game to play in the next 7 days
in your state.

This NEW Kindle will be ready in a day or two.

I will send out the link to Amazon once its up.

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