Lets say the AMC stock price goes up to 100 bucks.
Isn’t almost everyone going to start selling? If they do then the price
drops to lets say 25 bucks. Aren’t those who didn’t sell screwed? And
how long do you think that 109 buck window stays open. I’m just going
off my experience with other regular stocks. I may have to research
more but I hope your not just so hoping this pans out that you lead
your following down a bad path. I for one only bought like 4 shares at
around 42 bucks maybe so I’m not going to get hurt but I’m legit
worried about others chasing what may be HOPE , I do thank you I’m
just wondering what your answer is. No hate just hoping you remember
people listen to you and you have to take care of your flock.

You have to stay on top of this.
You have to get informed every day on the latest AMC news.

I personally check YouTube every morning.

I go to the top and enter “amc stock today” and look at the latest videos:

I also check Reddit every day
(join if you have not already; set up an account):

If you have been following what is going on, pretty much everybody
is planning to hold onto AMC until
(1) the short squeeze is over…or
(2) until AMC reaches some astronomical figure per share:
$100K, $500K, etc.

You can go right ahead and sell at $100.

But you will be missing out on the BIG money.

You have to be patient.

This is not going to happen overnight
(it might happen soon….or in a couple of weeks or months).

If it takes 6 months for AMC to go up to $100,000 per share,
(assuming the short squeeze has not taken place), I will hold
for 6 months.

The most important thing is to check YouTube and Reddit every day
to get a FEEL of what is going on.

Specifically…what I am checking for every morning on both YouTube
and Reddit is positive MOMENTUM. There is a lot of that right now.

As long as the APES are unified and everybody is holding onto this thing
TOGETHER…..I will keep on holding onto AMC.

One more thing:
Do not follow me blindly.

If you will be happy at the $1000 per share price level…sell at that price.
If you will be happy at the $5000 per share price level…sell at that price.

However, I think it is better to follow the GROUP.
Pay attention to what the group is doing.

As long as the group has positive momentum and everybody
is still holding….keep holding.

If you keep checking YouTube and Reddit every day, sooner or later you
will have several people announcing that the SHORT SQUEEZE has
taken place. Once you have confirmed this (several people will post it),
you can then go ahead and SELL most or all of your shares. I will
personally keep holding onto a few shares just in case this thing keeps
climbing higher.

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