WARNING–Continue to HOLD onto AMC No Matter What

You should expect to see many articles and newscasts with negative information regarding AMC. Below is just one example (this article can be found HERE).

The purpose of these articles is to scare people so they sell their shares. What the big hedge funds want is for you to sell your stocks. If you do that, we all lose. You should IGNORE these article and continue to HOLD onto AMC. That is what I am doing. I will continue to hold until the Short Squeeze. That is when the hedge funds are forced to buy back the AMC stocks they shorted. This will result in the price of AMC going up to astronomical levels ($500, $1000, $5000, etc). Basically, this will be a massive Payday for you…assuming you are still holding on to your AMC stocks.

I encourage everyone to keep checking in on the Ape movement on Reddit…HERE

And YouTube HERE.


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